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The ‘’Promagro’’ company, as the general representative of the “Promzapchast” Ltd. (Belgorod) offers to your attention a wide range of tillage equipment.

We invite dealers for cooperation with our company. We offer the most favorable conditions and prices to both dealers and to farmers. More



Hanover/Germany 12-18 November

The two new models at the "AGRITECHNIKA 2017" SHOW!!!

In the Pavilion №P11/Z01 South entrance will present the company's most popular models of technology.
Our exposition will be located at the joint stand of Russian Association "Rosspecmash" country pavillon of Russia.



AGROSALON 2016 4-7 October!
Crocus EXPO Moscow Russia!

The four new models at the "AGROSALON 2016" SHOW!!!

On the area of 300 square meters. In the central hall №13 will present the company's most popular models of technology.
Our exposition will be located at the joint stand of Russian Association "Rosagromash" in front of the stand of JSC "Rostselmash"



TechAgro in Brno!

The most popular exhibition in Eastern Europe was struck by the scale, approach and organization. All top companies manufacturers exhibited and paid the utmost attention to Czech customers. Company "PromAgro" was represented by four units. Disc harrows "Bulat" series "PSM" and "Dominanta", as well as being cultivators "Olymp" and "Granit". Company "TOKO", which is our exclusive dealer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, on an area of 1300 sq. meters presented a very impressive technology park. Production company "PTZ" under the brand "Kirovets", tillage of "PromAgro", Baltic Trailers, English seeder "Claydon" and the tractor "JSB".




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The ‘’Promagro’’ company started the exporting machinery to the European Union in 2015. The machinery standardization to meet the EU trade regulations has been already been completed. The equipment and construction of the machinery has been subjected to certain changes to fit the features of the European market. Both width and height of the machinery have been reduced, the machinery has been equipped with new jacks, rear lights and turn signals, brakes, and new heavy tandem road wheels, proven effective and to have been liked by the most of customers.





“MASTER” is a new elastomer disc harrow.

The company carries a capacity for large scale production of the new disc harrow ‘’MASTER’’. This year the company is going to have the preliminary trial of the 8-meter width machine, including field works trials at the leading Russian agricultural companies conducted over the last seven months completed. The vast database of positive results has been compiled. Our leading dealers are ready to share it with everyone. The production of the line of ‘’MASTER’’ M-7000/8000/9000 harrows is planned to start in 2016.



   The report on the work aggregate ‘’MASTER’’ M-8000 from Agroholding ‘’TRIOR’’. Отчет


Discovery of EUROPE




The field trials of the machines, produced by ‘’Promzapchast’’ Ltd., are going to be carried in Czech Republic and Slovakia over three months.

Agricultural producers of the EU countries manifest genuine interest in the machines by ‘’Promzapchast’’ Ltd. Alongside with saturation of home market, another important task of developing the export potential is solved.
I'm sure we'll prove to Europe our competence in practice.




Subsidizing technique

Dear customers, you can purchase the technique with a fixed discount according to the program ofsubsidizing No.1432! All official information with the prices and the size of discounts available on ourwebsite and on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, we will be happy to helpyou with the purchase and registration of your documents.
Please contact with our dealers in your region.

Technique in the federal leasing!

Dear customers purchase our technique through the state-owned operator of the largest leasing company"ROSAGROLEASING"

Catalogue of technics at the website



The fifth exhibition surprised with the scope. This year the total area of an exposition exceeded 70 000 sq.m., and the number of participants increased to 558! In four halls of the exhibition hall the largestRussian and foreign producers presented 714 samples of the latest agricultural machinery and the equipment.The event brought together companies from 29 countries. Apart from stands during the exhibition wereorganized the national pavilions of Germany, Italy, Canada, China, Pakistan, Slovenia and the CzechRepublic. 30 545 experts and heads from all Russia arrived on ‘’AGROSALON’’ with own eyes to see long-awaited development. The international specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery ‘’AGROSALON’’ –the central branch platform for demonstration of the latest technical solutions in agro-industrial complex. ‘’AGROSALON” – the only exhibition in Russia representing production of all largest global manufacturers.






Dear customers, we invite you to visit our stand at the largest exhibition of the former Soviet UnionAGROSALON 2014 which will be held in Moscow on October 7, in the halls of 12, 13, 14 and 15. Our stand islocated in Hall №15. Welcome!

Scheme of an arrangement of exhibitors


‘’YUGAGRO 2012’’

Held a regular Agricultural Forum ‘’YUGAGRO 2012’’ by at which our company presented the biggestexposition of soil-cultivating technology of production of Ltd. ‘’Promzapchast’’. We have shown the fiveaggregates BDU ‘’Bulat’’, two cultivators ‘’FTC M-4200’’ and ‘’6800-CIL’’, two new mulch finishers‘’Dominant’’ and ‘’Vector’’, but that's not all! There was also a presentation of integrated broadbandsolutions sowing ‘’for a’’, and an extensive culinary program by KB ‘’Promzapchast’’ which captured theimagination of all, without exception, the guests of our pavilion!



The unique field demonstration!

On September 28, 2012 in the village ‘’North Rudnik’’ of Lipetsk district, Lipetsk region on the basis of ‘’Colossus’’, together with the Department of Agribusiness of the Lipetsk region there will take place fielddemonstration of six soil-cultivating tools code-named ‘’Demonstration of force-2012’’.



The comparative tests in "Rusagro"

At the end of the summer in the fields of ‘’Rusagro’’ in Gubkinsky district of the Belgorod region, with theactive support were held comparative tests were held of heavy cultivators ‘’Granite’’ of production company‘’Promzapchast’’ of Belgrod and ‘’the Tiger’’ of production ‘’HORSCH’’ company of the world leader inproduction of agricultural machinery.



Big field demonstration! 

Our company together with the leading trade enterprise of the Voronezh region the company of ‘’Voronezhkomplekt’’ spend most of the field demonstration in framework of the DAY VORONEZH FIELD with12 to 13 July 2012. We invite everyone to the demonstration of disc harrows, mulch finishers ‘’Bulat’’, ‘’Dominant’’ and stubble cultivators ‘’Olympus" and ‘’Granite’’.


Complete set on a choice

Our customers from the middle of last year had an opportunity independently to choose a complete set on aharrow ‘’DAMASK STEEL’'. In short terms it became very popular!

  • М-8000 "MASTER"
    (power demand is above 300 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational),m. 8.00
    Disk tools number 64
    Disk spacing, mm. 250
    Tillage depth, mm. to 120
    Disk tool size (diameter), mm. 510
    Weight, kg. 8150


    Hard disk husking machine MASTER M-8000 uses reinforced rubber damper -based processing unit with a service-free bearing housing and adjustable disk tools bias. The gain of the frame of the unit has been improved and is designed to meet the demands of Russian realities. “MASTER” uses heavy tandem rollers with spring harrow.

  • КP-18 "RUBIN"
    (power demand is above 400 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational),m. 18.00
    Disk tools number 106
    Tines step, mm. 170
    Tillage depth, mm. to 120
    Tines width, mm. 200
    Weight, kg. 7450


    Preplant wide cultivator "Rubin" is designed for all-over cultivation. The stabilization system ensures constant processing depth regardless of soil irregularities. The tandem spring harrow roller is used.

  • КSТМ-4200 "GRANIT"
    (power demand is above 270 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 4.20
    Productivity, ha/h. 8.3-17.1
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 9.9
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 300
    Tine width, mm. 370
    Weight, kg 4000


    Heavy mulch stubble cultivator "Granite" with a set of Mulch-Mix tines for deep loosening, mulching and harrowing of the soil. This device provides one stage 40 cm depth tilling combined with harrowing. Heavy tandem roller is used.

  • D-450 "DOMINANTA"
    (power demand is above 200 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 4,5
    Productivity, ha/h. 4,4-9,0
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 6.6
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 200
    Disk tool size (diameter), mm. 610
    Weight, kg 3908


    Disc mulching harrow "DOMINANT” In addition to the spring strut protection, the unit is equipped with service-free bearing units and 610mm diameter discs. Protective spring unit prevents clogging, improves soil mulching and protects the processing bodies and the frame from damage.

  • КSS-9500 "OLYMP"
    (power demand is above 200 h.p.)

    КCC-9500 OLYMP
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 9,5
    Productivity, ha/h. 10-16
    Tine width, mm 330
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 100
    Disk tools number 34
    Weight, kg 4100

    Universal medium stubble cultivator with enhanced S-shaped Goliath Vibro (Bellota) rack completely eliminates clogging from crop residues and provides capability for all-over tilling up to 10 cm depth.

  • BDU-5х2p "BULAT"
    (power demand is above 170 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 5
    Productivity, ha/h. to 5.0-5.9
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 6
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 150
    Disc tool size (diameter), mm. 560
    Weight, kg 2950

    Wide trailed machines BDU-5x2 and BDU-4.6x2 are designed specifically for the machines of 2 and 3 traction classes, thus providing the efficient use of the machine’s capability while maintaining the excellent quality of the tillage.

  • BDU-7х2ps "BULAT"
    (power demand is above 230 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational, m.) 7,0
    Productivity, ha/h. 6,9-8,7
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 8.9
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 150
    Disc tool size (diameter),mm. 560
    Weight, kg 4132

    Wide trailed disk harrow machine BDU-7h2ps. Foldable design is convenient for transporting and meets European rules and regulations concerning the width of the transported trailed agricultural machinery. The hydraulic system used is a dual-circuit one, the copier unit and the extended coupling unit are available. The roller device made of 24mm rod is rigidly fixed to the frame.

  • BDU-2.5n "BULAT"
    (MTZ-82 adapted)
    БДУ-2.5н BULAT
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 2.5
    Productivity, ha/h. 2.3-3.0
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 4.5
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 150
    Disc tool size (diameter), mm. 560
    Weight, kg 1050


    Wide tractor-mounted BDU-2.5n "Bulat" machine (MTZ-82 tractor adapted) uses roller system system and adjustable attack angle capability. It is designed for fluffing untreated compacted soils of different content, crushing long straw residues, cutting weeds and other rough field vegetation after reaping major crops.

  • BDU-4x4p "BULAT"
    (power demand is above 180 h.p.)
    БДУ-4х4п BULAT
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 4.25
    Productivity, ha/h. 3.9-6.0
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 9
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 150
    Disc tool size (diameter), mm. 560
    Weight, kg 3370


    Hard disk unit RCU-4x4 "Bulat" (with trail-roller system) for fluffing untreated compacted soils of different mechanical composition, crushing poslezhatvennyh residues dlinnostebelchatyh crops, cutting weeds and other vegetation on the rough fields after the harvest of major crops.

  • BDU-5.2n "BULAT"
    (power demand is above 170 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 5.2
    Productivity, ha/h. 5.2-5.9
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 6.9
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 150
    Disc tool size (diameter), mm. 560
    Weight, kg 2330

    Wide-mounted disc units BDU-5.2n and BDU-3.4n are designed using the unified base. They are mutually convertible in 20 minutes. Purchase of the BDU-5.2n has the advantage of use with any T-150 or MTZ-1221 tractor. The main feature of these units is the original allocation of the adjustable attack angle operational bodies and high trimming disks angle to achieve full coverage, even at 3 cm tillage depth.

  • BDU-6x4p "BULAT"
    (power demand is above 250 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 6.25
    Productivity, ha/h. 5.9-8.0
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 10.4
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 180
    Disc tool size (diameter), mm. 560
    Weight, kg 4550

    This machine provides an excellent tillage quality Its main features are : reliable hi-tech manufactured trimming unit, minimum of hydraulics, ease of setup, servicing and use. The 60 mm diameter rack is made of 45 steel. Belotta disk tool is made of 65G , frame is made of shaped tube 100x100 x 8mm. This machine has an advanced roller system.

  • BDU-6x4ps "BULAT"
    (power demand is above 250 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 6.0
    Productivity, ha/h. 5.9-8.0
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 10.4
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 180
    Disc tool size (diameter), mm. 560
    Weight, kg 5141

    Universal disc harrow BDU-6x4ps "Bulat" (with trail-roller system) is designed to meet the rising requirements of wide harrow machines. This harrow, as well as all other 4--rows harrows designed by our company, have tools location scheme and the trimming angle changed, which ensures high quality preplant tillage.

  • BDU-4.6n "BULAT"
    (power demand is above 150 h.p.)
    Main specifications:
    Width (operational), m. 4.6
    Productivity, ha/h. 4.8-5.4
    Fuel consumption, l/ha. 6.0
    Tillage depth, mm. tо 150
    Disc tool size (diameter), mm. 560
    Weight, kg 2080

    Tractor-mounted wide-unit BDU-4.6n "Bulat" by MTZ 1221 (with a roller system and the capability of variable attack angle), is designed with an advanced rack to use the original cutting angle with reduced the tools spacing and increased tools rows spacing.