Company «Promzapchast» makes


- Trailers four-row disk units of a series "Bulat" petrol-diesel unit - 2.5х4/3.2х4/4х4/5.2х4/6х4/6х4picosecond;


- Trailers double-row petrol-diesel unit (PDU) - 3х2p/4х2p/4.6х2p/5х2p/5х2ps/7х2ps/8х2ps with innovativesystem of skating rinks;


- Hinged units PDU-2.5n and 3.1n under overcurrent protection - 82.2/1221 and PDU-5.2/3.4 under K-700/overcurrent protection 1221, PDU-4.6n under T-150

Main distinctive features


• Excellent quality of processing of ground;

• The Reliable and unpretentious, not served cutting unit made on the modern, precision equipment;


• Reliable hydraulic system with use of hydrocylinders of Melitopol Tractor Hydraulic Units Plant the fourthclass of execution which approach under import a tractor and synthetic oil;

• Simplicity in adjustment, service and work;

• Constant quality assurance at each production phase;

• Rack in diameter of 60 mm, steel 45;

• Availability of rise on coupler hydrosystems;

• Wrought an axis (press forging);

• Disk of manufacture Belotta of 560 mm (Spain) or Ofas (Italy);

• We use only constructional steel 09G2S for manufacture of a frame which in 5 times is stronger some steel3;

• The Frame is executed from a profile pipe 100х100 in thickness 6/8 mm;

• The Advanced system of skating rinks rigidly fixed on a frame, allows to make strict adjustmentзаглубления with step 3 see.



On a parity the price-quality our units are leaders in the given segment agricultural machine building!