Enterprise Promzapchast is engaged in manufacture of disk units under mark PDU «Bulat».
Than our units differ from similar machinery of other manufacturers, you ask?
We shall try to tell about it in detail...

First, METAL...
- All our harrows are made only of constructional steel 09G2S;
- Additional wire has the same mark that does welded joints homogeneous, and the design of a frame on 30% is stronger, than from steel 3.
Cases of break frame on our harrows from the moment of transition to the given mark has not beenregistered!  For comparison: majority of other manufacturers apply steel 3, and at best - steel 10.


Mechanical property of steel - strength of kg/cm2:

Steel of 3 3700 kg/sm2
Steel of 10 4000 kg/sm2
Steel of 20 4200 kg/sm2/см2
09G2S 5000 kg/sm2kilogram/см2


- We apply only the American bearings of firm Kraft;
- The rack is executed from steel 45,
For comparison: Other manufacturers use basically steel 30.  - Quality of bearings which defines quality of the cutting unit, and we pay it special attention;
- Our enterprise buys disks directly in Italy and Spain;- We complete ours harrows are equipped by disks of the European manufacturers.

- Our designers have completely altered the diagram of an arrangement of working bodies, angles of cuttingand distances between numbers and working bodies;
- Unlike other manufacturers, harrows PDU prepare qualitative seed bed with a minimum quantity ofexpenses;
- Developments are patented and protected by the state.

Fourthly, SKATING RINKS...

- On all units PDU the skating rink is basic, that allows gradual, correct to three centimeters, adjustpenetration;
регулировать заглубление;- Maximal it is long a skating rink 2м is excludes critical loads on bearing block of a skating rink;
- All this has made roller system qualitative, efficient and reliable.


- Bolted joints are executed from metalware the Russian manufacture with a class of strength 8,8 and 10,9;
- Technologists of our enterprise the decision on drilling a profile pipe. As a result we have received a totalabsence of reclamations;

For comparison: Many manufacturers at drilling a bar use plasma or gas torches, forgetting thus, that arisetraining of an edge cut, and at the subsequent welding it provokes cracks in wraparound-way construction.


- On ours harrows is used simple and reliable hydrosystem with use of unit templet;
- We apply hydrocylinders of the strengthened class of execution which with confidence hold synthetic oil anda peak load of 250 atmospheres;
- Sleeves of a high pressure are made under our order and executed two-layer with an import accessories.

And, finally, seventhly, DYNAMICS of PROGRESS of MANUFACTURE...  
- We continuously develop.
- To a company management the information from all departments is constantly flown down, it is operativelyprocessed and start relevant decision;
- Harrows improved, technological processes of manufacture improve constantly;
- Intrude new technologies of welding, sharp, painting;
- The motto of our firm of steel of a word "Together with you we create the best!" and our collective dailywork fills this phrase by special sense!

As of today, not looking at crisis, sales of harrows PDU steadily grow.
First of all, it is connected and with high quality, and the raised operational characteristics of ourproduction.

On results of 2008-2015, 78 % нof our buyers at repeated demand for disk units again have addressed to us,having preferred our production.